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Probabbly best "drum-tool" available

But a very strange and mean behaviour towards customers, there is absolutely no reason and argument to give old cutomers the choice of being robbed or left back,..

I have never seen it elsewhere, and I have been around 20+ years using LOTS of software

Guess there hole culture an appearance is shady in the first place, especially one of the two founders appear like some kinda satanist in the few YT-videos I have seen, how comes anyone could get the idea consolidating the market segment with a titel such as "drumkit from hell",... maybe we should not be surprised that "upgrade from hell" was the continuation ?

Anyway, since no moral, etics, og just normal decent customer care present I guess it all dealing with buttom-line alone

So where did this manoeuvre take them ?

Did they push away their userbase by this step ? or did they progress ?
Flaming an individual based on looks is outright WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

My complaint is about the upgrade policy.

To be clear, ALL my comments are about policy alone in regard to the upgrade. I love Toontrack products and wholly support the team. I'll for sure keep buying their products. It takes something special to keep a company going 20 years and I hope they'll be around for 20 more.