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I sent them an email recently but they said that due to how they set things up originally for sales, it cannot be changed. I felt like saying, "So some guy came up with a bad idea, and now it cannot be reversed?" Anyhow, it is frustrating. I want the software but now I am looking at the alternatives. They want $558 CDN for it. aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!
As someone who is working with devs to make audio plugs for my own and limited shared use, that is the biggest load of crap I've heard in a while. I'm sure you just got some low level marketing person who thought they'd slam dunked you with what they assumed was a clever response.

Can you imagine the tech it took to develop Superior Drummer 3. An absolutely amazing product. Updating the rules logic around a sales promotion and licensing policy on a website would be like a very brief walk in the park by comparison.

I had no hesitation getting the update, I use it regularly and the new features were of instant use to me commercially. But I do a lot of mix support work for indie artists who have serious talent but low budgets. Lots of them have to manage those budgets carefully and were users of Superior Drummer. Plenty could not afford to update at the time and now most won't. They're already supplementing with other drum vsti's. We're all good at that, finding ways to do the same thing when the old option is no longer valid.