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I spell checked it against the Shubert theatre. 5 mic tree

About the L-R I had the 4006a’s pointing 40 degrees out towords the middle of the violin/cellos with the silver grids. The center is a 4006tlx with a lot flatter treble.

The ctr I turned up so it was there but it was a duller tone. The L/R I panned in a lot.
Did you choose the centre mic deliberately to have different treble to the L/R Tree pair ? I would have assumed it's critical to have all 3 of them identical, or as closely matched as possible ? Outriggers panned hard L/R ?

Decca Tree to me sometimes can have a 'compartmentalized' image portrayal ...of each mic in the quintet existing in its own little space, preventing the seamless panoramic blend we all seek. That's what this recording demonstrates to me to some degree.

As to causes, I'd immediately suspect that centre mic's response.....after that, down to a set of complementary small panning and level tweaks across all 5 break down the walls of those cardboard boxes that each mic sort-of exists within. Do try those's so well worth the effort !

Do those 5 mic level/pan tweaks dynamically, organically, intensively as a system...just like the advice given to studio multitrack mixers...don't use the solo button, always adjust the sound/mic you're working on in context with the rest of the mix...soloing/tweaking robs you of that context

Really, glad you fixed Schub...nobody needs that sort of cred crippler I know, it's just a name...but in the canon, he's one of the biggies !