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I am not happy with what they have done either. Right now there is a special crossgrade price available for EZDrummer 2 owners but there is no special upgrade price available for Superior Drummer 2 owners. Does that make sense to anyone? I paid more for Superior Drummer 2 and no upgrade price?

I realize that there was an upgrade price, but why make it a time limited offer? I can go to my Steinberg account and they have upgrade prices available to people who are many versions behind the most recent version of Cubase for example.

Leaves a bad taste, that's for use. Going to go check out Steven Slate drums now.
Spot on! My original post was not about an upgrade price, considering the quality of this tool, it's a no brainer. What wrenched my gut was the 'time limited offer'

From a customers perspective, there is no reason or need for it. They'd of had my money anyway. As developers, I trust their tech.

What they showed in this move was contempt. Buy it by x date or we'll screw you for more money after x date. That is literally what they proposed to existing and loyal customers.

Someone at Toontrack should reverse that policy, slap the idiot who came up with it and apologise to the community, promising never to do it again.