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The deal breaker for me was the bounce options...or lack thereof.

No way to bounce at anything but the sample rate your session is at. So if your session is at 48, that's what your mix will be. You'll have to reimport your mix and convert the files. Or use another utility outside DP. Not exactly a workflow enhancer.

And forget bouncing your whole mix, and JUST the lead vocal at the same time, unlike Cubase and PT (and maybe others, I wouldn't know).

But yes otherwise chunks are a super feature, and I like the look and feel of the program a lot. I love all the sidebars that you can configure anyway you want.

Will revisit if they ever fix the lack of options in the Bounce dialog.
Yeah, that's 100% my main gripe. As of now my way and most DP users way of dealing with this is freeze tracks, and bussing to record stems. If you're like me and use heavy plug ins, you're doing both. It's not the end of the world, but to me it's the one area where Reaper, Live etc. do it faster.