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Old 13th March 2019
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Okay so I got this thing working after a bit of trouble with iLok cloud. Managed to move the single license to my iLok2 (yes it works on iLok2) and got it up and running.

The sound quality and possibilities is awesome!

The plugin feels quite rough around the edges though. As a free plugin I'd say this is more than acceptable but people paying 79$ for this in the future will be expecting more.

1) The graphics textures of the knobs and panels get blurry when size is changed. Looks really cheap.

2) The knobs have very bad scaling/sensitivity to them. Literally 1% of the knob is used for the subtle effects, which this thing excels at! The rest of the knob range goes from crazy over the top to even more crazy over the top. Intelligently scaling the knob ranges is an absolute must for this plugin to feel more professional.

3) Some kind of intelligence of volume compensation on the main two distortion and saturation knobs would have been nice to have. At the very least these could somehow interact with the main output volume knob with a modifier key. As it is now one has to constantly juggle between these to get the volume matched. I can tolerate all of this on a free plugin but at 79$ these things start to feel annoying and detract from the apparent value of the plugin.

4) The preset browser is a bit weird somehow.. and the bright red highlight against the pitch black background looks quite bad.

Anyhow, sound quality is where it's at and as a currently free plugin this is definitely a must have in my opinion.