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Here for the gear
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,,, Presonus is a fine company, and the products are great as you know. Buy your T10 and rest easy knowing it's gonna work great. Presonus stands behind their products very well.

38 weeks he went through 3 sets of Eris 8 speakers... then toasted the T10 ?

The first thing anyone should think is how is he using them...
So, I looked to find how he is using them.
He writes with synths, analog,,, after going through some of his vids, creating on the fly like he does and likely ave 100db plus ave. SPL...
Some frequencies would build way above his ave SPL

Here's one of his vids, youtube,

Could be just me, but I think he should use the studio monitors for mixing, after he gain stages the tracks... Maybe live gear for his style of creating / tracking, if he is actually tracking. I don't see a tape machine or DAW open,,, so makes me think he is using little to no reference on levels,,, hitting the speakers...

One feedback issue, could blow all his speakers,,, Is he using the LImiter correctly to protect, instead of limit ?

I just use presonus products, a fanboy maybe lol, not an employee...
Just my thought and opinion, because they are good speakers, and a reputable class A company. Which is why this kind of thing is not widely posted on the internet concerning Presonus,,,