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So what is good about this DAW? They provide a discount for users of competitive DAWs. Live is one of those DAWs. I am a Live user and I'm curious.
I take good to mean different.

Live users can grasp this a little easier I believe, but here goes:
DP is a full featured DAW, that also incorporates a sort of sequence within sequence approach in Chunks. Chunks are pretty much "parts", and it's kind of confusing but there are three main types, Sequence, V-Racks and Song Chunks.

V- Racks - are what you think they might be virtual racks of instrument's, either Aux tracks to hardware or with reverbs etc. on them for sends or VSTi/AU instrument tracks. I will sometime put a master fader there as well.

Sequence Chunks- This is just like every other DAW, a sequencer timeline for audio and MIDI, what you see in the arrangement windows of DP, you can have as many of these in a single DP project as you want. You can drag sequences into sequences, so sequences can be just parts of a song or a whole song. This to me is why I stay in DP a lot. I like the option to have parts of a song as separate sequences, or different versions of the song in different stages. It's really easy to have 5-6 versions of a song in other programs, and in DP the pure MIDI version is just another Sequence Chunk.

Songs- This I and most people hardly ever use, but if you have everything in V-Racks and feel like working on a song as separate parts, you can arrange them in this window. Some film composers use this window to arrange all the themes for a film score etc. and you can have multiple Song Chunks.

The caveat to working on songs as multiple Chunks is you will want to have everything in a V-Rack, which is not capable of using track automation (since it doesn't exist in a track), so if you're workflow is after MIDI notes are in place to pencil in automation via scrolling through automation windows or record a knob move on a soft synth with track automation, then it's back to MIDI learn for you.

Beyond that, it's a very mature DAW, there's probably a way to do most of what you throw at it. Unique to DP is that the Tracks Overview is a separate window from the Sequence Editor, and both perform as the Arrangement window does in Live, but with extensive audio editing in the Sequence and more shortcuts and ways to move data around in the Tracks window than in Live's arrangement etc.