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Old 12th March 2019
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I'll be updating the design in the coming weeks and starting the build end april. Ill keep this thread fed with questions, photo's and more stuff.

Update: March 12

- Changed the design to 2 rooms downstairs, and 2 upstairs made them bit bigger too, 3,5x4m, and decided to only do acoustic drums and (small) bandsessions when no (other) lessons are planned.

- The floor is solid concrete no crawlspaces anywhere. I'll be testing the 1 studio with no added floors first before thinking any other solution.

- The current state of the (ceiling/walls/floor) is so bad that I got permission to buildor remove anything I want as long as I remove everything again when I end the lease. Which might be 10 years like the last place I rented. So that's looking good for experimenting with maybe some heavier walls.