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Old 12th March 2019
Here for the gear

Development of the mobile OS Android and Chrome OS ignore real-time audio needs. Since I'm a Linux pro-audio user, I lurked a lot of discussions about this issue. AFAIK there is absolutely no interest in pro-audio by Google or who ever quasi owns Android. Btw. Linux itself is real-time audio capable, but since Linux is community-driven and not business-oriented, there is not that much diversity in usable pro-audio software for Linux, as there is for proprietary operating systems. I suspect Android would be more interesting for many proprietary pro-audio developers, than Linux, if it would be as real-time capable as Linux is.

I don't ask myself, if Android is less good than Apple or if this is better than that. An example, there are software guitar to MIDI converters of different quality available, free as in beer open source software, as well as proprietary software. It's said using this software even polyphony works using an ordinary guitar pickup.
Will this software ever catch up with a Roland hexa phonic pickup and guitar synth used as MIDI converter?
To get things done I used a keyboard when I couldn't pay for a Roland setup. Nowadays I own such a Roland setup.

IMO 2 or 3 years ago and nowadays the only alternative to an Apple tablet for pro-audio, is not using a tablet computer at all.

As long as somebody has got only bearable ethically concerns against the vendor of a tool and the money to pay for the tool should be in place, I recommend to get the tool instead of waiting that e.g. a screwdriver could be used as a toaster, too.