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Proper mic placement and an effective pop filter should reduce your isses substantially.

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Hi there,

when I record quiet vocal parts there are the known "esses" (for instance in the word "existences"), the pops (for instance in the words "post production") and other clicks when the tongue moves or the lips open, etcetera.

If a singer records a quiet part there is a need to sing very close to the microphone so you hear EVERYTHING.

I could now test a Neumann TLM103 and a Neumann U87. The TLM103 performed pretty good as long as the singer did not approach the mic too much. But as soon as the singer is very close to the microphone, recording with the TLM103 becomes very tedious and the TLM103, in comparison with the U87, is ... tedious ... from my point of view. I have to admit that the TLM103 performs a lot better than most other good mics from other brands. But the U87 performed very nice, nearly no clicks, even though the high frequencies were raised insanely.

I originally wanted to buy a TLM 103 and thought the problem with the clicks should be over with this buy. Now I see that... ok the TLM103 is not bad but come on... with a U87 you have nearly no worries anymore.

But the U87 is sooooo expensive. Do you know alternatives that have a similar behavior regarding clicking noises? I am not primarily looking for the "U87" sound I just don't want to worry about these clicking noises anymore.

Best wishes.