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1. Is complete nonsense, latest best Android is on par with latest iPad, unfortunately latest best android is not all android or even widely used android or even worse as cheap as iPad.
2. Too many devices has nothing to do with it at all, Android is completely abstracted.
3. Android has so man ore users in comparison to IOS that even though only a small percentage of those buy apps, the market is still as big as IOS.

IPads are not better sellers than Android, that is utter nonsense, apps on Android are on Android, doesnt matter if phone or tablet, quite a lot of apps on IOS are phone only or ipad only, if a developer also makes apps on macOS, has absolutely zero bearing at all on porting to IOS unless they specifically use a framework for cross platform for that purpose.

This isnt an IOS vs Android thing, cheap iPad (Mini 2 up) = great mobile studio, cheap Android (similarly priced) absolute crap for music.

Will they catch up, who cares, buy an iPad and make tunes., it actually is the reality of the market. Even with the size of the Android market, the vast majority of app developpers still make more money on iOS than Android. Look at the sales of any games apps for example, it's almost uniformely true, revenues are almost always tilted towards iOS with something like 70% iOS / 30% Android.
Because of that , many smaller developpers prefer to support only iOS until they have the resources to also support Android.
Even Steinberg, a big developper, decided to drop Android recently :
Steinberg Discontinues Cubase iC Pro For Android

Despite Android's growing market share, Apple users continue to spend twice as much money on apps as Android users
Apple’s App Store revenue nearly double that of Google Play in first half of 2018 – TechCrunch

Developpers are not complete idiots, there is a reason and a logic to the disparity between iOS and Android when it comes to availability of audio apps. Low support for audio, bigger fragmentation of screen sizes ratios ( big problem when designing UIs, although it is starting to become a problem on iOS too with the multiplication of various ratios among the recent iOS devices), bigger expectation of free apps , etc...

Why Mobile Low-Latency is Hard, Explained by Google; Galaxy Nexus Still Musicians' Android of Choice - CDM Create Digital Music

Outside of audio apps, if you go to any developper forums, the biggest complains they have for both Android and iOS are almost always :
-Android : Fragmentation of screen ratios sizes / Fragmentation of the various Android versions ( compared to iOS where almost 70% of all devices are upgraded to the latest OS in less than a year) among users / Very few people willing to pay for apps compared to iOS owners

-iOS : Far more strict reinforcement of rules by Apple and less flexibility in the way apps can access hardware / less flexibility in how to sell your app /

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