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My guess is that it's an NT-5 with the TF-45C capsule they're using on the NT-SF1. (The capsule designation seems a dead giveaway...) Oh, and maybe the new output connector they were threatening when this whole exercise began? (BTW, I contacted Rode when the NT-SF1 came out and asked if the capsules were available separately - they said "no.")
Maybe we'll come to appreciate (in time) that brittle plastic-looking Neutrik/Ethernet connector that's slated for the new NT-5..if it winds up banishing a whole lot of RF that might plague us in the future (or maybe it's already here...and the new connector will remove it for us ?)

However, I just see it as another set of necessary adapter tails to be bought or soldered will be hard to shake the anachronistic belief that nothing but an XLR belongs in the rear of a mic

Non-interchangeable capsules to replace currently interchangeable ones... It desperately requires TF's engraved signature on the barrel, to offer some redemption for all these faux pas by Rode