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Lives for gear

1. Is complete nonsense, latest best Android is on par with latest iPad, unfortunately latest best android is not all android or even widely used android or even worse as cheap as iPad.
2. Too many devices has nothing to do with it at all, Android is completely abstracted.
3. Android has so man ore users in comparison to IOS that even though only a small percentage of those buy apps, the market is still as big as IOS.

IPads are not better sellers than Android, that is utter nonsense, apps on Android are on Android, doesnt matter if phone or tablet, quite a lot of apps on IOS are phone only or ipad only, if a developer also makes apps on macOS, has absolutely zero bearing at all on porting to IOS unless they specifically use a framework for cross platform for that purpose.

This isnt an IOS vs Android thing, cheap iPad (Mini 2 up) = great mobile studio, cheap Android (similarly priced) absolute crap for music.

Will they catch up, who cares, buy an iPad and make tunes.