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I am aiming for a specific sound.. lock tight grooves aren't the thing that i'm after and neither is solid state loudness for now, i'll let the master engineer do that... of course i am open to tracking with the device as well and that's what i was going to do in addition to putting it on a mix bus or a drum bus (electronic music/house techno)..
need to get some eq in there as well in the future..
what do you guys use on your master chain - do you have a separate mid eq plus a pultec style "bass and treble" eq or you can do good masters with only one mastering eq...?

..after this you record a hot signal into the AD converter, clipping it a bit if the ADC allows you to, right? and then you squeeze a few more dBs with a limiter like L2 or PSP or similar inside the DAW?

i need to know these things if i want to make some quick masters in the future..

the idea was to give a good sounding mix to the engineer which he can then process with a combination of tube comp + some vca comp for loudness and whatever else he is using.. but the main part in mastering would also be tubes , other comps just for loudness

when i listen to music i like, the sound is massive.. no over compression no squeezed drums.. everything sounds very big and organic and natural, basses are huge, highs are sparkly and every sound is touched with the eq just right..

and i know what these artists use, also i know what the mastering engineer uses (to a degree).

i know that there are multiple things to consider and multiple devices etc etc. that go into creating this sound, and i cannot do it just with a manley comp.. but i want to start things off correctly.

plus i can hear all that lovely eqs and compression on the tracks now in my studio (it's acoustically treated) and i want to work through that sound.. it adds so much to electronic music

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