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There's at least three fundamental problems with the Android side of things, to my knowledge (unless they've been addressed):

1. Poor audio performance across most devices (last report I saw put the best Android phone around the level of a vintage iPhone).
2. Too many device choices creates developer hell, ie: too many wildly different spec'd devices out there to both test and optimize the app for.
3. Android users statistically aren't willing to pay for apps in the way that iOS users are....there are a few reasons for this: 1. Android apps are largely "freemium" (ad supported and or time limited) junk apps. 2. There is basically no quality control on apps in the marketplace... 3. Google is indifferent to gray market apps and blatant piracy/rooting.

In addition to the above, iPads have consistently been better sellers than Android there are just more out there. Not to mention, a lot of iPad apps will work on iPhone, which makes for even more device compatibility/potential market for developers. I've been iOS for a long time, its pretty wild how I've purchased apps over the years, and most of them still follow me with replacement devices...and if I've bought in iPad, often it'll pop up on my iPhone as well, and perform very similarly (aside from different screen sizes).

If a developer also makes Mac OS products, it is relatively simple to port that over to iOS as well.

This isn't an Android vs Apple argument because I don't care what device anyone uses, but that is what developers are up against, and that is why music production on Android is what it is at the moment. From my perspective, there isn't a lot of incentive for a small developer with limited resources to attempt to make quality audio app for Android. Bigger developers, perhaps could justify it (if its not too niche of a product), but its still less lucrative than iOS.

As obtainable as iPads are these ones aren't all that expensive and previous gen models are even cheaper and still have plenty of power for most apps...if music production is your goal I wouldn't hesitate to grab an iPad.