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Old 9th March 2019
Here for the gear

Will Android ever catch up to Apple in terms of music production?

I mess about with Caustic and G-STOMPER on my android tablet and they're fun enough,. I've not used any Apple products for a long time and although I knew Apple were the go to in terms of audio apps I've always thought the gap must have been pretty close.

How wrong was I?

I've recently got my son an old iPad Mini as a present and having played about with it for a few hours the scope, presentation, and just sheer 'professionality' of even the basic music production apps has really impressed me.

This is without delving into things, but I'm genuinely shocked at how well a 7 year old device performs.

I don't produce professionally but I enjoy it and I'm wondering if an iPad would be a good investment, or is there anything that I'm missing on Android that will even remotely stand up to Apple?