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That is interesting and I can see how too many cooks might spoil the broth of delicately balanced coding. I recall that Noel has also stated the main dev team for Sonar was small and talked about how a smaller team can be more effective. I would assume though that the effectiveness is only apparent in the direction in which they are told/financed/allowed to travel.

Whether the old Sonar dev team was as small as it is now at Bandlab, I am not sure? As I don't recall if he put an exact number to it and terms like "small" could be subjective.
For sure. Not just ideas about ideal size but, also, where one draws certain organizational lines can affect how one talks about a given setup. For mass-release, commercial products that have broad or complex support issues, a core team creating the central engine of the software might be relatively small, but the teams who create support for different software and hardware interfaces/options/contingencies might spread out quite a bit. That lateral spread and (presumed resulting) increasing difficulty of oversight is probably one reason that support for individual drivers or platform APIs is one of the biggest, longest-running PITAs in integration of software with other hard and soft systems.