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Damn, bought it straight away after a play with the compressor.. ( compuslut buy At past 4Am )

The low end on the SSL Eq is a bit boomy for my taste and Top end opens nicely but fiercely - sounds very good as a whole though.
Overall super feeling hardware-like and workflow.. my bad
Great Job Sonimus
I was writing a reply then saw this posted. It's really good isn't it!

I agree on the eq... the top end is a too aggressive for everything for my tastes as well - but works for some things.

In reply to your comment about the strip format being cumbersome - I find for me it keeps things simple as I just load this up and go, I don't have massive channel counts usually tho so I can see how on bigger projects it might get fiddly...

The next track I make I'm going to use just this and see how the mix turns out, think that'd be a good exercise..

Anyway, enjoy!