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If that wasn't the case, it certainly is weird that him plus a really small team can all of a sudden bang out some serious stability fixes and address long awaited design flaws. I don't want to curse it by speaking to soon, but it certainly appears that they have righted the ship.
I got the impression that the Gibson Brands culture was simply not that interested in serious stability fixes and design flaws. It was a marketing oriented company that seemed to prioritize NEW! NEW! FEATURES (which marketing- oriented people love), over "boring" things like stability or glitch fixing. I saw the same thing when I was in the bio-med electronics industry. New features that could generate new sales were always prioritized over glitch fixing, until the glitches became so intolerable that existing customers started jumping ship.

The same strategy appeared to apply to the guitars. There were never more than about ten models of solid body electric guitars in the Gibson line in any give time until recently, when they started announcing that many new models in a year. Meanwhile, some fundamental QC and other production problems were ignored.