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Actually I didn't ask for help with my mental health it was more about what others do to get out of the studio.

I know you are trying to help but actually mental health is really is as not as simple as you make out. there are many factors that cause issues with people.

but again this wasn't about that.

Back on topic please. :-)
For this to work it would need same individuals as you, in same conditions as you. Your needs are yours only. So, what are you exactly asking here? What do you want with this thread? Nobody is in your place, hence nobody experiences what you experience, hence your question is irrelevant, so I obviously got the personal elements from your confession and tried to figure out what could go wrong with you right now. It's really not important what a certain person does to escape from his daily routine, his life, personality, career, age, education, culture, etc, etc are different from yours so what works for him doesn't necessarily work for somebody else. Same situations, but different people react different, 100% of the time. Does it make sense?

So, what is it that you seek? I would like to help, but you have to be open about it. I don't feel like you're open enough. What does social anxiety mean to you? What do you do in this and that situation that you wish to change?