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I actually was thinking about getting the Aeon, but my room is about 17 square meters, which isn't very big. The distance between me and the klasik is about 50cm and there is no way to get any further, so I am working really "near field" with my speakers. That's why I decided to go with the Klasik.
I still am curious how an 8" speaker like the Aeon would work in my room, especially as I got the 8" Sub, which wouldn't be needed then for sure.

After some more research I discovered something weird: The old Aeon have a frequency range of 30Hz-30kHz. The new Aeon 2 have a frequency range of 38Hz-33kHz. Why would they make the new version with less bass?! The klasik go down to 35Hz, so even lower than the Aeon 2. So it actually would be a step down (bass wise) going from Klasik to Aeon 2.
Not exactly. First off, the AEON is front ported. If you ever worked in small spaces, a front port can save you a whole lot of headache when it comes to midlows and low end response.

Like I said earlier, take some time to place your Monitors correctly. 50cm is WAY too close. Get some stands for your monitors or build yourself some with simple plywood and 2x4 and get them further appart in an equilateral triangle.

Now if you want to understand the full extent of what I'm suggesting, you should put a sine wave at 60hz and listen to it from your 50cm position then go further down your room at about 2.7 m from the monitors and then youll really hear your 60hz. I think you'd be placed at half way a 60hz wave at 9 feet so thats 2.7m.

I read that you use sonarwork software. So it will be a very useful thing for you to use it if you placed your Klasik against the wall. Even though the bass response is fantastic on Klasik, you'll end up with a HUGE build up and that wont help you referencing unless you need those bass frequencies overloaded so you dont mix in a muddy way. But that would be like driving your car with a feet always on the break because you know you'll be breaking one day or another. Very bad practice. In the end, just do the best you can with the ressources you have now but I would highly suggest you do all you can to improve your situation by placing your monitors at least a bit more decently.
And dont overlook room treatment. This will help you a lot more then you can think.