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If you compose music, they'll become your best friend forever.

Once you're done with the 20-30 hours of getting use to them, you'll have a different opinion about the mid highs, thats for sure.

By the way, Welcome in the family.

I love mine and actually thinking of going to the AEON because of where and how I'm setup right now. But thats another story.

If you're setup a bit like me with equilateral triangal at about 4 feet (1.20m) you'll want to have a loook at your mix deeper in your room at about 8ft ( 2.50m ) once in a while.
You'll then understand the full extent of the low frequencies.
I actually was thinking about getting the Aeon, but my room is about 17 square meters, which isn't very big. The distance between me and the klasik is about 50cm and there is no way to get any further, so I am working really "near field" with my speakers. That's why I decided to go with the Klasik.
I still am curious how an 8" speaker like the Aeon would work in my room, especially as I got the 8" Sub, which wouldn't be needed then for sure.

After some more research I discovered something weird: The old Aeon have a frequency range of 30Hz-30kHz. The new Aeon 2 have a frequency range of 38Hz-33kHz. Why would they make the new version with less bass?! The klasik go down to 35Hz, so even lower than the Aeon 2. So it actually would be a step down (bass wise) going from Klasik to Aeon 2.

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