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Dear Esla,

We couldn't help but notice that you just keep on repeating the same things over and over again. We would love to help you out, really. Please just contact our Technical Support crew.

Not exactly, my list of stability issues has grown over time. Though I am guilty of bringing up old issues because so many seem rooted in antelopeaudioserver.

I will always be a strong advocate for Antelopeaudioserver to only run when Antelope products are in use due to its inefficient use of CPU in idle and potential effect on stability.

Support with you is a time investment and requires remote access to my machine which is logistically difficult for me. Mostly my fault, but I have already had a few missed connections. I find email exchanges sufficient with most other developers.

I was able to find solutions for the Golden Boot Loader issue on a forum. If the reason for that issue given on the forum was true than that is another reason to fix the Antelopeaudioserver design flaws.

I haven’t had the runaway CPU issue where antelopeaudioserver revs up to 100% for a long while, I think possibly a reinstall or update fixed it.

The issues with Control Panel crashing mid session or always having to reboot my system to open Control Panel is something I will try to go over with support eventually. I think I have a calm no travel or crazy work week coming up at the end of this month when I can do the remote access meeting.

If support fixes my stability issues and an idle antelopeaudioserver stops running when I’m not using Antelope I will be D4’s strongest advocate. It would be easier for me if this could be done via email.