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i know the exact button, but i DO want it to loop - just not retrigger the note next time around (keep playing sustained)
So don't start the clip again.

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i can get it to do what i want now but the fact it is out of wack with the other loops is extremely annoying to my brain. probably not an issue in reality but it F***s me over. and i guess ableton didn't envision anyone wanting this 'feature'.
Out of wack? Clips sync.

This is 2 bars playing starting in bar -1 repeating a 1 bar length of bar 1, but the loop can be of any length.

You mean the transportation meter? I've asked them to improve this years ago, but you can just ignore this. You need to realize that typically in Session a clip can be started at any point, which means clips started at different times are typically not in bar sync with each other anyway, so your concept of this is pretty pointless. If you want bar sync go to Arrangement view.