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Remind you: i got the old A7´s without the "X". They had really little bass, that´s why i added the Adam Sub8.

Burn in is really working by the way, it´s no myth. The Klasik´s are already sounding much more pleasant, not so hard / dry "in your face" anymore.
This is after 6 hours pink noise and 4 hours frequency sweeping using those 2 videos:

10 hours pink noise:

8 hours frequency sweeping:
If you compose music, they'll become your best friend forever.

Once you're done with the 20-30 hours of getting use to them, you'll have a different opinion about the mid highs, thats for sure.

By the way, Welcome in the family.

I love mine and actually thinking of going to the AEON because of where and how I'm setup right now. But thats another story.

If you're setup a bit like me with equilateral triangal at about 4 feet (1.20m) you'll want to have a loook at your mix deeper in your room at about 8ft ( 2.50m ) once in a while.
You'll then understand the full extent of the low frequencies.