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Old 6th March 2019
Here for the gear

Ohhhh MOG the floor!

I started with the measurements. There is +/- 6dB in some spots and you can start to see a pattern. The speakers and listeners spots chosen by ear previously are not too bad.

BUT during the measurements I noticed a resonance in the floating floor in the 73Hz. The hole system was intended to separate the floor from the ceiling above my bedroom. Despite all the reading and planing I did last year to execute it properly (and of course the investment) I'm now sure that is acting like a giant drumhead

I'm starting to think that It will be a very hard to solve problem to the acoustics of the room (which I favor over the isolation It is providing now).

From top to bottom the floor layers are:
-9mm Laminated Floor
-Very heavy Neoprene
- 12mm OSB
- Green Glue
- 12 mm OSB
- 2" High density Extruded EPR
- 2" Medium density Expanded EPR
- 2" Medium density Polyuretane Foam

What you think?