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Cool, hope you enjoy them. I was previously very interested to try them out, due to all the great feedback, but couldn't find anywhere to demo them.

A tip, if you're not already aware, if you do struggle a lot with bass levels (kick & bass), you should have a think about using Sonarworks (even if you have room treatment). It's been a great help for me in getting my mixes to translate better with less back and forth and revisions.

Also for a great visual cue that your mix could be unbalanced is Voxengo SPAN. If you watch this video YouTube and set it up as this guy says, it gives great visual feedback for what a balanced mix should look like and if you have missing frequency content or something poking out. Of course, you stilll use your ears, but I find it to be very accurate.
I already use Sonarworks and it really helped a lot with my room and also my headphone. It´s a great software!

I also watched a nice setup video for voxengo Span which is an amazing (and free!) tool.

I think if you are reading here at gearslutz and and keep your eyes / ears open you can get amazing infos in how to get better in producing music.