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Only for the "H" and "AC" parts of HVAC... but not for the "V"... That is still the same: large ducts....
To be fair, a split system with active ventilation via HRV/ERV can use smaller (typically 4") ducts for the ventilation (per ASHRAE 62.1-2016). And then smaller baffle boxes etc to go with them (requirements change from ACH to CFM per occupant, with occupancy averaged over the day). Another potential benefit to splits + HRV/ERV is that multiple smaller ventilators can be used so that isolation zones don't have shared ducts, and occupancy sensors can be used to turn them on to increase system efficiency (this isn't actually to code yet, so install it after inspection ).

While there are obviously pros and cons to both systems, there is a lot to like about having constant energy recovered ventilation while the room is occupied, and then having heat/ac as a completely separate system per room when considering the workflow of a studio. The LG multi-F 12k and smaller wall units run at 19dB in the lowest fan speed and have wifi control.

That all said, for 4-6 rooms, splits plus ERV/HRV's would be expensive for the OP's use.