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I do have to give props to bandlab. They've thoroughly embarrassed cakewalk in how much they fixed in Sonar within the small time they've had it. One of the first things Bandlab did was put the stereo interleave and phase buttons back on the track view. That's something even Cakewalk couldn't figure out how to do.

I originally thought bringing Noel over to bandlab would be a liability because of how bad Sonar got under his tenure at cakewalk but considering how much Bandlab improved it, either they aren't listening to him, or they just have him there in some kind of an advisory capacity. Whatever it is, Bandlab should keep doing what they're doing because, like I said, they've embarrassed even cakewalk. Kudos to them!

When Sonar went belly up, I moved over to Studio one, but after the improvements in Sonar, I've started moving back somewhat and using both DAWs in my work. Sonar is still an excellent daw for writing in with both notation and non-destructive midi.
I think that infamous "used to work at Cakewalk" thread on Reddit told the sad tale of Cakewalk at that time. The anonymous OP suggested that there was a dichotomy in direction and leadership. I got the feeling that it is probably the usual stuffed shirt management style where they have no idea what it is like to work on the tools. They just want sales and wind up setting new feature deadlines that were so tight that many other things had to fall by the wayside.

Originally I too thought the same thing as you about Noel still being involved with the program. So far though he seems to be captaining it along nicely. I remember after the Gibson collapse he stated that although he was in the chief seat, he was over ridden on some decisions.

I think he was being a mixture of both nice (professional?) and protecting his ego there. As I think it is likely from seeing how Cake was run back then, that the supposed over riding on "some decisions," were actually "most decisions." Either that, or he was given leeway. But that leeway was an incredibly small space in which to attempt to manoeuvre his plans, wedged up against the crushing wall of producing and prioritising new features.

If that wasn't the case, it certainly is weird that him plus a really small team can all of a sudden bang out some serious stability fixes and address long awaited design flaws. I don't want to curse it by speaking to soon, but it certainly appears that they have righted the ship.

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