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Old 17th July 2007
Here for the gear

URGENT: motu896 + oo2

I said yes to an on-location. Tonight. "Demo" has to be done tomorrow and in hand by noon: 5 songs...uber important.

Will I encounter problems with DP (4.6) w/ an 896 interface if i decide to also run an oo2 to have 16 channels?

My setup I know, theirs I haven't even seen yet. They run Nuendo on a PC, with oo2 (x2). My tower into my interface and one oo2 following...saving me time I dont have.

Thank you. Searching is for people that actually have time. I don't see how this won't work; I am looking for some friendly 'slutz reassurance here that everything will be alright.... +=-::-=+