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Harrison Mixbus introduce an emulation of analog mix console through path signal..... it’s only daw that do not sound flat and clear. When you send the signal track to a mixbus channel, the mixbus channel introduce the harmonics saturation typical of tape saturation. You can get control through the drive knob and the intensity of the send..... in 32c version, you have a incredible emulation of eq filters section. But the great difference is in the channels summing into a mixbus. When you put some tracks together into the same mixbus the effect is more accurate and accentuate like in the analog world. All in the musical way.
I'm stealing the topic for this question. Hopefully you can help me: I use ableton and I've been thinking about getting another daw just for mixdown. The idea is to export the multitrack from ableton to get a "clean sheet" and fool myself as it were in order to tell myself that I'm actually doing something different than what I do when I write and produce my music. These things tend to get mixed up rather easily if everything is done itb. I use a lot of 3rd party plug-ins and I've been looking at the softube console 1 to control Mixbus with. Would I get enough benefits from Mixbus or should I opt for the 32c version?

Edit: tldr: is the most of the Mixbus magic happening in the 79,- or 299,- version?