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Macs have been having issues with Dante on built-in ethernet chipsets recently, causing folks to use USB ethernet adapters. I suspect it's software rather than hardware or firmware and that they'll get it sorted soon, but... I'm glad I didn't make the move to Apple.
The current USB audio issue is in hardware (it is the T2 security chip). Current solution is Thunderbolt -> USB adapter and there is no issue.
Macs have/had also (via macOS updates) completely broken AVB support.
Also Dante (via DVS) was interfered with via a macOS update temporarily.

The only certainty so far has been PCIe audio cards (where supported) and even Thunderbolt interfaces have been interfered with on different macOS versions.

Or there is no certainty and we have to deal with all of this no matter what. AoIP is definitely not immune so we all just roll the dice and try to keep our systems as bulletproof as possible.