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Macs have been having issues with Dante on built-in ethernet chipsets recently, causing folks to use USB ethernet adapters. I suspect it's software rather than hardware or firmware and that they'll get it sorted soon, but... I'm glad I didn't make the move to Apple.
Is this in new Macs? Or is it a software issue with, let's say, Mojave? I believe that Mojave has some issues in the audio realm in general. I don't believe Avid has okay'd Mojave yet, at least the last time I looked. I have no reason, right now to upgrade, even to High Sierra, as long as things continue to work.
I am not having any trouble with the built-in ethernet on Sierra on my 2012 MBP units. But neither, as well, with a cheap Win10 machine that I typically use as a controller over IP. Stable, it seems.

Back to an old thread tho. I have totally abandoned Pro Tools as a location recording format, falling back on Waves Tracks Live as a backup bit bucket.


PS, that Merging stuff certainly is very nice.