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I was briefed on Anubis at AES last October. Claude carried it in an inside overcoat pocket to give you an idea of its size. There were two line level XLR on the back, and the other four channels I remember were on the front edge, but shared with the headphone capability. I see from the teaser now there's two line level phone jacks labeled 3 and 4 alongside the headphone jack. I was told that it supports all Merging supported formats at all the bit/sample rates, and I believe like HAPI/Hours, a standard version up to 192KHz PCM, and a premium version with 352.8KHz PCM, and the three DSD rates.

That, and the dual talkback was the easy stuff for me to remember. What I do not remember well is the functionality brought by the onboard Zman processing module that seemed very encompassing, well beyond that of a simple four track recorder. We'll have to wait and see, but I was impressed at the time.