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It is a compelling product for me, so the price is not really that important. I think AoIP is the future and this box makes location recording setups even more capable with less equipment than ever.

Now that Apple seem to have upset the cart with some serious USB audio hardware issues, AoIP and AES67 are even more important to divorce oneself from uncertainties in workstation suppliers and reduce risk.
Apple's latest Macs have a serious audio glitching bug - CDM Create Digital Music

Agreed, and this is why I picked up a Hapi. It's a bit overkill for my purposes, but having excellent conversion and a rock-solid interface is worth it to me. I tried out a few USB DACs and would invariably run into some problem with MacOS and certificates, drivers, etc. et al.

I've had only one issue with that Hapi and that was when I upgraded MacOS faster than Merging recommended. Downgrading fixed the issue instantaneously.

Anubis looks very compelling -- it's small footprint is especially interesting. If it has the same grade of conversion as the Hapi, which is extremely likely, I'll probably sell the Hapi and pick up the Anubis.

(If anyone is interested in a Hapi with the primo DA module, let me know.)