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Probably around $3000 if they want to be "competitively priced" (comparing to Prism Sound Lyra 2)

I could certainly use something like this in my editing room.
My knowledge about US pricing is that it's quite a bit less than that. But as David points out, the pricing probably has not yet been finalized. For those interested, the way to gain more information, and get on a list, is to contact the Merging dealer servicing your country.

The value of this product for me is as a networked controller for a Hapi/Hours(s) providing stereo monitoring in DXD while recording DSD surround under Masscore. I'm not knowledgeable of how that would work running under ASIO connected Windows 10, but maybe that's the whole idea of the offering. For me, it's the same functionality as having another Hapi and D/A board with Masscore and Pyramix functionality.


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