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it's an "update" in the same way Sonar 1,3,5,7, X1,X3, then Platinum were - i just wanted to clarify that it's not a completely separate install, if you have other sonars installed already
i was pwal, lawp and pwalpwal in the old forum
I, too, haven't noticed any problems with CW by Bandlab regarding my previous installations. (And, for whatever reasons, I found it easier to get up to speed with the Bandlab version than I did moving from 8.5 to X3. I suppose because I was willing to bend a little more, new stewards and all that, not to mention big gratitude for saving the platform from Gibson.)

That said, while I found myself torn between going back to 8.5 and trying to get up to speed with X3 -- I've used CW/Sonar since CW Pro Audio 6 in 1996, so it was pretty vexing to find myself almost utterly at sea in the huge (and not always obviously logical UI remake).

For whatever reasons, while I was grinding my teeth virtually the whole time I tried to use X3, the transition to CW by BL was surprisingly smooth.

Maybe Bandlab should buy those classic Gibson guitar designs, too.