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Keep in mind that the product at hand is not really billed for pro studios as much as it is for home and project studios. Last week I recorded acoustic guitar with a coles a foot and a half away and I have 4-5 different preamps at my disposal that can give me the 65db+ boost I need without any noise. I don’t have any use for one of those boxes. But for someone trying to cut vocals at home on a budget with an SM7B and a scarlett 2i2 it makes sense over buying a Vintech x73i.
I've got my TRP for when I need globs of quiet gain. I have the cloudlifter around because I like the impedance boost, just running my old vintage RCA ribbon through the cloudlifter seems to open it up nicely. I've only got 2 channels of TRP, and my R88 is usually parked on it. If I need to the the R88 and the RCA in the same session, the cloudlifter comes out.