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I have Sonar Platinum app [23.10.0 Build 14 (2017.10)] and CbB [2019.01 (Build 27)]. My Contour Shuttle Pro V2 control surface recognizes them as different programs (sonarplt.exe vs Cakewalk.exe). In my view, an update implies that the original product has been supplanted/overwritten, and doesn't retain its original independent functions.

I'm curious about why your installation experience is so different in this respect. As background, I have had forms of this product since the days of Cakewalk 8.5; then Sonar 1,3,5,7, X1,X3, then Platinum, and was the GaryMedia username in the archived Sonar forum.
it's an "update" in the same way Sonar 1,3,5,7, X1,X3, then Platinum were - i just wanted to clarify that it's not a completely separate install, if you have other sonars installed already
i was pwal, lawp and pwalpwal in the old forum