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Old 3rd March 2019
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Sometimes people are not the same people they used to be. 3 billion more fish in the sea... and I am sure there is more than one for you. Trying to get perfect love from an un-perfect person eventually will fail. But if you can set your sights on a higher Ideal, things start working out. If we do not demand that an un-perfect person give us perfect love in the way that we want it we start not limiting what is possible. All things are possible. You can receive love from strangers and dogs an even rocks. I obviously have an out of the box view on things. Love is permeating our world through millions of things. If you can just imagine yourself in a situation where it would be better than what you had or where you are now... your present sorrows will fade with less magnification. And as you magnify the truly more important things in life... you will start attracting the great unimaginable life. I like to go to sleep 'whole' instead of happy. Like forgiveness, I just take that forgiveness as a gift and give it to all freely - and I am instantly forgiven. Transgressions wash away...

A long time ago I luckily learned that I am allowed to HATE what people do... but I must love that person at the same time. It is actually pretty silly and very easy to do. As I get rid of all hate in me... I get rid of all hate in my life. And my best lesson ever was All good things come from love/light and all bad things come from fear... and there is only one answer to this life. We must choose the life/love. This is the one choice that we always have at our disposal - our choice of attitude.

I feel for you - I hope this sorrowed time ends abruptly. Bless you my friend.