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Old 2nd March 2019
Soudcraft 200b vs Hill Audio Mixer

Hey all! I've been narrowing down my hunt for a mixer and keep coming back to the Soundcraft 200b. I've used a few mixers with similar circuit topography and chips and I like the territory much better than say the NJ45XX op amp territory.

I recently discovered that Hill Audio has a mixer with a very similar design that also has sockets for all its opamps. This is like a dream for me.

Does anyone know of a mixer similar to either the Soundcraft 200 series or Hill Audio Multimix that also has socketed opamps? Also, has anyone compared those two I mentioned? Judging by people's comments they seem to be in the same league.

I'll be using it for summing as needed, live-streaming, and just as general extra preamps. I currently have a Crest X8 taking up like half the space behind me in my control room and I'd rather have something much smaller.