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1) Never heard of it til now.
2) Like I said, it's kind of working for what I am using it for and I am looking at switching platforms once I have finished up the projects I am using it for.
3) In terms of priorities, I don't want to spend the time trying to figure out new features that aren't vital to me when I could be getting on with finishing tracks. I am aware I might be a luddite with this approach and am entirely open to being schooled.

For what it's worth, whenever I have had problems or difficulties with Sonar, I have emailed Cakewalk or tried to get support on their site, but after a couple of years they basically said the product is not supported anymore, go look on the user forums instead. The online tutorials have also been thin on the ground and not useful for the most part.
Right. Gibson bought Cakewalk Sonar from Roland in December 2013, and abandoned the product in November 2017. In February 2018, BandLab bought all the intellectual property and hired Noel Borthwick the senior product designer/tech, and began distributing the renamed Cakewalk by Bandlab as a free download. The product is essentially Sonar Platinum without the 3rd party soft-synths and plugins. Everything from Sonar X3 will open up and work just fine for you.

Since the BandLab acquisition there have been about 7 significant performance, function and stability updates, and CbB (as it's abbreviated) is a stellar product. Unfortunately, it has the baggage of its provenance in the hands of Roland, the poor curation while in the hands of Gibson, and its public face is doubly marred by all kinds of soap-opera drama that happens online.

Nevertheless, it's a quite excellent DAW. Keep in mind that a Cakewalk user that goes by the name of azslow built a DLL for Reaper that allows direct import of Cakewalk projects. For me, that was the best thing ever, as it completed my dual-platform strategy of being able to run my DAWs and video NLE on either Win10 or macOS as desired.

There. I've saved you days of reading!