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What I'm liking so much with this one instead of say reaching for a multiband compressor for the same job, is the 'lack of clumsiness with it. With some plugins, doing multiband work it is very easy to nudge a parameter/ crossover too far and suddenly the whole sound changes and you`ve got to carefully work back to get into the sweetspot again. With DEQ6 I`m finding it easy to move around a range/ area of values and not have those jarring slips.
Agree completely. Great way to say it -- this "lack of clumsiness" is probably what appeals most to me. The design for some reason lends itself a bit more to reaching into the sound to get it closer to what you want without messing up other parts, better than similar plugins. I think it helps that the developer has given such great visual feedback and useful thoughtful options, that when combined with the sound quality and consistency, it turns into a well-balanced TOOL for day-in, day-out use. I'm honestly using this more than even FabFilter Pro-Q3 now. I'm very surprised by that.