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dEQ6 has already become my go-to workhorse dynamic EQ, using it more and more, and I have many other great choices in my plugin library. It's the combination of features, options, efficiency, workflow, details, sound, usability, visual feedback, etc...
What I'm liking so much with this one instead of say reaching for a multiband compressor for the same job, is the 'lack of clumsiness' with it. With some plugins, doing multiband work it is very easy to nudge a parameter/ crossover too far and suddenly the whole sound changes and you`ve got to carefully work back to get into the sweetspot again. With DEQ6 I`m finding it easy to move around a range/ area of values and not have those jarring slips.

Once you know the shortcuts aswell, most parameters are easily at hand. Not saying that I don`t have to stop and check to think what the next step is ever, but the ratio's pretty good

like you say using it more and more..

EDIT: @ TBProAudio , another small thing: there seems to be missing shift for fine-tune when left-click and dragging the threshold on the meters. It works for mouse-wheel but not left-drag.

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