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Old 1st March 2019
Gear Maniac

A great release TBPro!

Thanks for including/ incorporating so much of the feedback via thread and PM!

The 'AB-LM Lite' is a nice surprise too, I will be trying that out for sure!

Having the new side-chain options per-band is fantastic! For anyone wondering, they are changed via the icon right of the solo button on each band:

I = Internal
I+ = Internal Full-Band
S = Side-Chain
S+ = Side-Chain Full-Band

So now you can for example put on a drum bus and have a High-Shelf (I+) band around 200Hz still responding to everything including the the kick, but mostly compressing the other drums, leaving the kick to breathe but still driving the compression on everything else. Lots of options to be playing around with there!

Thanks for doing the 'pointer-capture' thing on the sliders too. Saves having to track back to the control with the mouse when reaching the edge of the screen.

Small bug:

(Windows 7 64bit)

With the new pointer capture: When you are near the edge of your screen, say the bottom and you are adjusting one of the bottom sliders and dragging downwards, the value will suddenly stop short. It's as though the pointer actually does hit the edge of the screen, so you have to re-click and start dragging again to continue. It gets particularly pronounced when you use Shift for fine-tune aswell.