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Old 28th February 2019
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I'm officially separated after 20+ years...

I've mentioned it in passing in threads in Electronic Musical Instruments that my beloved wife of 20 (well, 21 now) years left me about a year ago. Well, today was the court hearing so our separation is now official.

This is the same wife that always complained about my synths (when I had them) and led me to sell everything in 2013/2014. Well, moving to SC in 2015 bothered her even more than me having synths, and she left me in early 2018 and moved back to NH.

There's the usual financial damage... lawyers make the Moog One or a mint Jupiter-8 seem like a bargain... and then the dreaded splitting of marital assets, which is going to put me into another 20 years of mortgage debt instead of having everything paid off in 3 years. This pretty much spells the doom for any chance of retirement as well. There's the obvious emotional impact as well... some days I do ok, others I just want to curl up and die.

I suppose if there's a bright side to any of this, it means I can have synths again.... which I do have a modest set up. Once I get the finances settled and I have enough money to not be living paycheck to paycheck again, I can get some nicer gear and hopefully start making music again (and try not to suck at it... lol).

There's always the (slight) chance she could change her mind and we could get back together as well... though it seems less likely now... at mediation she did offer to reconcile if I moved back to NH... which I don't want to do. I hated it there, especially the weather. But, I still hold out hope, and went with the separation instead of divorce for the time being for that reason.