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I know this is a really old post, but I've had an SY77 for a long time. The button battery on the main board wore out and I just replaced it. Of course I've lost all of the programmed sounds. But what I've noticed is that all of the presets sound like they are playing 1 octave high (maybe two?). Anyone else seen this behavior? Any ideas?
I have an old SY77, but haven't noticed that problem. Perhaps trying a reset may correct it....

1. Turn Power on.
2. While pressing the [VOICE] switch, press and hold the [BANK D] button, then the [8] button. The SY77 will run the INITIAL TEST routine and display the Test Program Menu.
3. Press the [COPY] button. The SY77 will execute Test 48 'Factory Settings', automatically exit the test mode, and then return to play mode.