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Originally Posted by Gregg Sartiano View Post
Let's get Sennheiser...cough...cough...Neumann to reissue it...

What about Gefell? I mean, they're "more Neumann than Neumann" right now. Oops -- after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Sennheiser bought the right to put that lovely diamond badge on a mic.

While we're at it, a KM54-style small tube condenser would be even cooler. Maybe one without the hard-to-find AC701(?) tube. Has anyone noticed that the boutique companies really emphasize the LDC's in a huge way? Same with pre's & eq's vs. compressors...but I digress...
Sounds good to me! I think you're right... there is an over-emphasis on LDCs compared to SDCs. Isn't it strange, with all the focus on warming up recordings (since digital has become mainstream), that the mic world doesn't reflect it nearly as much as other types of gear. Even the prosumer stuff have tubes stickin' out of the top! Yet, except for a few manufacturers, it seems to me most of the newer mics have moved towards lowering noise with transformerless designs etc. Not that a clean mic is a bad thing, you'd just think there would be more of a balance in the SDC world- offering mics with character rather than all of them being super clean with a hyped top.