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There's also X42 with 60x45 coverage. That's what I preordered. I didn't get to hear it at ISE but several of my friends who are Meyer users were there and they were blown away by the clarity and power. The old UPA-1p and 2-p were not that impressive but these X40/X42 are. They're not shipping until end of March in the US.
I'm pretty sure they sound good and are relatively loud, but I can list a number of existing systems that sound good and are loud too. my question however is how flexible will this system be, how easy will it be to scale up or fine tune the output coverage this system...can either of these boxes be arrayed?

My argument is that in the small to medium sound-system/venue market, only small to medium line arrays offer easy scaleability, these one boxes systems will either fit a situation or they won't, they do not offer critical and minute sound design possibilities....110°x50° or 60°x45°, this is the kind of coverage you will mostly need in outdoor situations, or as near fills in really big SR situations.